Eligibility & Enrollment


Elections you make during open enrollment will become effective December 1, 2018.

Cactus offers you and your eligible family members a comprehensive and valuable benefits program. We encourage you to take the time to educate yourself about your options and choose the best coverage for you and your family.

Who is Eligible?

Regular, Full-Time employees of Cactus are eligible to participate in the benefit plans as of the 1st day of the month following date of 30 days of employment.  Regular, Full-Time employment is defined as being scheduled and actively at work thirty (30) hours or more per workweek.  Dependents as defined in the individual summary plan descriptions or insurance certificates are eligible to participate in the benefit plans at the same time as employees.  If an employee no longer meets the definition of being a Regular, Full-Time employee, coverage will end on the last day of the month in which the employee last met the eligibility criteria. The following family members are eligible for medical coverage: Spouses and Dependent Children up to age 26.

How to Enroll

The first step is to review the current benefit elections. Make your benefit election by filling out the enrollment form hyperlinked below. Once you have made your elections, you will not be able to change them until the next open enrollment period unless you have a qualified change in status.

When to Enroll

The open enrollment period runs from now until November 30, 2018. Enrollment forms are due by November 19, 2018. The benefits you elect during open enrollment will be effective from December 1, 2018 – November 30, 2019.

How to Make Changes

Unless you have a qualified change in status, you cannot make changes to the benefits you elect until the next open enrollment period. Qualified changes in status include: marriage, divorce, legal separation, birth or adoption of a child, change in child’s dependent status, death of spouse, child or other qualified dependent, change in residence due to an employment transfer for you, your spouse, commencement or termination of adoption proceedings, or change in spouse’s benefits or employment status. You have 30 days from a change in family status to make changes to your current coverage.