Medical Insurance

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We will be offering two Medical plans through BlueCross BlueShield; RS24 and RSH3. We will cover 60% of the Employee premium, 55% of the Spouse premium and 50% of the Dependent/Child premium. The difference will be deducted from your paycheck, pre-tax. The RS24 is a traditional co-pay plan and the RSH3 plan is HSA compatible. Details on Health Savings Accounts are provided in this overview.

Medical Benefits & Premiums

Download SBC’s

RS24 (English)

RS24 (Spanish)

RSH3 (English)

RSH3 (Spanish)

Find a Provider

You are not required to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP), however if you would like to search for providers in your area or for a particular doctor, click the link below, then click the Search In-Network Providers link. You will be prompted through a few questions and will select Blue Choice PPO as your Plan/Network. You will then be able to search for your current doctors or doctors in your area.

When you find a doctor click the link attached to their name for general information regarding the doctor and/or the facility they are affiliated with.